For over 100 years, Firestone have become one of the most trusted tyre brands within the automotive industry. With huge production line and advanced testing technology, Firestone tyres prove to provide a high-performance driving experience every time.

Founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900, Firestone quickly became one of the leading tyre manufacturers in America. Firestone is now part of the Bridgestone group, manufacturing tyres of the highest quality providing quality tyres at an affordable price. They have developed a tyre range which consists of a large variety of tyres designed with safety, reliability and performance in mind.

As one of the leading tyre brands, Firestone are renowned for their work creating safe and eco-friendly tyres from an environmentally friendly production line. With their modern-day pioneering, this established tyre brand is able to produce some of the best performing car tyres for both passenger cars and SUVs.